Clear Tongue Ring Retainer - 14Gauge

Clear Tongue Ring Retainer

Clear tongue rings are a must have. Having an invisible tongue ring would be fantastic, but you can't throw an invisibility cloak over your piercings. You have to get the next best thing to invisible tongue rings when we need to be low key about our tongue piercings. For work or for some other reasons, you may need to minimize the look of your tongue piercing. When this is necessary, you still need to retain the integrity of the piercing, so it doesn't begin to close. Wearing a clear tongue ring retainer that is nearly invisible can be the ticket for both minimizing the piercing and retaining the integrity of the tongue piercing. It isn't an invisible tongue piercing, but pretty darn close to it.

- 14 GA Tongue Piercing Retainer
- 3/4" Length of Clear Tongue Piercing Retainer
- O-ring Included
- Flat End Retainer for Tongue Piercing
- Available in Clear Bioflex Plastic Retainer e rings