Dream Catcher Belly Button Ring

This beautiful dream catcher belly button ring is representative of the Native American symbol of unity. A clear stone which draws the eye is entwined by brushed, antique silver in the dreamcather navel ring. Dream catchers have become popular in modern culture as of late, but they have been around for ages. Dream catcher belly rings look very similar to a delicate spider's web. This is why in Native American culture beautiful handmade dreamcatchers are sometimes hung above a baby's crib. They are meant to trap evil spirits and other bad omens which may harm the child. Wear this dreamcatcher belly button ring and be protected from harm wherever you go. The beautiful iridescent gem on this dream catcher navel ring will shine in the sunlight, and the web woven of steel will dangle elegantly from your belly.

- 14 Gauge
- 3/8" Barbell Length
- 1 1/8" Dangle Length
- 2 1/16" End to End Length
- 316L Surgical Steel
- Clear Cubic Zirconia Stone