Gem-Studded Heart Belly Button Ring

Gem Studded Heart Belly Ring

Blue hearts, pink hearts, clear hearts or aqua hearts all say love, but what kind of heart of love are you? Is your heart feeling a little blue these days? Are you brimming with pink joyous love? Is your heart crystal clear with nothing to hide? Is your heart feeling aqua ̢åÛåÒ so full of love it̢åÛåªs like the ocean itself? Say it with a gem studded heart belly ring. What̢åÛåªs your love sign?

- 14 GA
- 3/16" Ball
- 7/16" Curved Barbell Length
- 7/16" Heart Length
- 1" End to End Length
- 316L Surgical Steel
- Cubic Zirconia Available in Blue, Pink, Clear or Aqua Gems