Transparent UV Belly Button Ring

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Transparent UV Belly Button Ring

Light up the dance floor with your belly ring. Nothing says more flirty fun than a transparent UV belly button ring that lights up when everything else goes dark. Make sure your belly ring catches some rays, so it is charged up and ready to light up your night. In nearly every color imaginable, you can light up your navel with a different color every night of the week. Bring the fun UV belly ring to your next all nighter!

- 14 GA
- 3/16" Ball
- 7/16" Curved Barbell Length
- 5/16" Ball at the End
- 15/16" End to End
- 316L Surgical Steel
- 2 Acrylic Balls Available in Green, White, Purple, Black, Clear, Pink, Red, Orange, Blue and Light Blue.