Vintage Starfish Belly Button Ring

Vintage Starfish Belly Button RingThe vintage starfish belly button ring is shimmering, fun, and has that shabby chic just found at the corner farmer's market look. Sometimes we want shiny and new, but sometimes we want that weathered beauty look. You know the kind. The vintage starfish belly button ring has that look that any vintage loving gal is going to fall in love with. Remember visits to the beach with your first love while wearing the vintage starfish belly button ring. Remember long walks on the beach with your best friend while wearing the starfish belly ring. Just remember that vintage is a descriptor of your kind of particular style. The vintage starfish belly button ring is the vintage belly find of the season.

- 14 Gauge
- 3/8" Barbell Length
- 4G (5mm) 3/16" Gauge Ball
- 1 15/16" End to End Length
- 15/16" Dangle Length
- 3/4" Diameter
- Clear Cubic Zirconia